Bella Hadid’s Tres Chic ‘Canadian Tuxedo”

Super Model Style on a Dime 

Bella Hadid was looking tres chic out and about in Paris in her “Canadian tuxedo” the other day. This outfit is great for a day out in the city, and can easily transition into the cooler evening with the addition of the cropped jean jacket.
Original OutfitShoes similar to Bella’s slip on mules can be found at Zara for $40! As for her frayed denim skirt, Forever 21 made a similar style for only $22.90.

The super model’s black bodysuit and cropped frayed denim jacket can both be found at Urban Outfitters here and here.

The model is also sporting a Hamsa necklace which seems to be the statement piece of the outfit. A similar style can be found online at the Toronto-based jeweller Bluboho for $58.00. This piece is made of sterling silver, and features a tiny sapphire.

The total cost of Commmune’s version of the outfit is $223, which probably amounts to 1/4 of the price of Bella’s shoes.

Pictures of the look-a-like pieces can be found below! Happy shopping commmuners!



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